Alternative Energy Sources

November 24, 2016
Alternative Energy Sources : We are in need of alternative energy sources since fossil fuels are going to extinct in next few years. For the past years, fossil fuels were being used as a fuel for vehicles and electricity.

Alternative Energy Sources: Do you know this?

alternative energy sourcesDue to over usage, they are depleted. It will take millions of years to get the fuel again since they are formed out of animal and plant decays.

Though it is available in considerable amount nowadays, we cannot continue to use these fuels since they are the main cause for pollution. 

When fossil fuels are burnt, they can emit toxic gases such as carbon and other greenhouse gases which are the main cause for global warming.
So there is an immediate necessity to go for alternative energy sources. There are many alternative energy sources to fossil fuels founded so far. Some of them are wind energy, tidal energy, solar energy, hydrogen fuel. Let us see some of these alternative energy sources.
  • Wind Energy Is The Leading Alternative Energy Sources
The first form of alternative energy sources that we are going to see is wind energy. Wind energy is the power generated by windmills by harnessing the wind. It is force given by winds when blowing across our earth’s surface.
  • Wind energy is usually generated with the help of turbines or windmills.
Uneven heating of the earth’s surface causes wind to blow. About centuries ago, wind energy was first harvested with the help of windmills to power pumps, millstones and forges.
Wind farms have been constructed in most of the upland areas. But the construction of wind farms has been restricted due to the visual and noise pollution.

Alternative Energy Sources: Things to consider!

Due to this issue, it has been suggested to construct the wind mills in offshore locations at which wind blows at higher speeds and the visual pollution impact is also reduced.
The harnessed wind energy can be converted into mechanical energy which can be used to perform works such as grinding grain, pumping water and milling lumber.
There are many advantages in using wind energy such as it is one
  1. among the free,
  2. non-polluting and clean alternative energy sources,
  3. wind supply is plentiful,
  4. very apt energy source for less sunny regions,
  5. safe energy,
  6. works using very simple technology and provides electricity at cheaper rate.
There are disadvantages too. It is aesthetically disturbing, wind blow can be inconstant, it greatly affects the bird population and it causes noise pollution.
  • Tidal Energy Is The Cost Effective Alternative Energy Sources
Another form of alternative energy sources is tidal energy. Tides can be defined as big bulges or waves of water created due to the gravity of moon and sun.
These bulges move back and forth and create currents and make the water levels to frequently rise and drop. We can easily predict the location of rise and fall of water levels.

Alternative Energy Sources: A powerful tip!

It usually takes twelve hours for water level to rise and the same time to fall. We can harness renewable energy from the rise and fall of water.
By installing barrages, it is easy to generate electricity from the passing water with the use of turbines. Unlike wind, there is a constant rise and fall is there, so tidal energy is a non-polluting, clean and renewable source of energy.
The advantages of using tidal energy as one of the alternative energy sources include reliability, economical, truly renewable, security and efficiency. But there are some disadvantages in using this tidal energy is that it can cause damage to the ecosystem, increased fish mortality and it is costly.

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