Benefits Of Solar Power

February 24, 2017
Benefits Of Solar Power
Natural power of the sun has been with us for thousands of years. The first civilizations regarded this as the only means of light and heat.

Today the world has the technology to harness the sun’s rays and convert solar energy to electrical energy, which can be stored or used immediately. In addition, sunlight is available and provides enough energy per hour to meet the world’s needs for a full year.

Harvesting costs and emissions of greenhouse gases are relatively low and zero. In principle, solar energy is used to produce heat, which can be exploited for power generation in other devices. Direct applications of solar thermal systems are, domestic heating, water heating, ventilation and in cooking.

Solar energy can be used to produce steam, which drives the piston engine, creates a current, which can recharge the batteries and provide power to the devices.

Photovoltaic cells which convert sunlight into electricity, was originally discovered several years ago. They were first put into practice 50 years ago by the U.S. government for use in their satellites, as an energy source.

They are commonly used today as an energy source for solar calculators. Massive groups of these cells are used to make solar modules, which form a solar panel that can be replicated to provide abundant electrical energy.

This form of renewable energy is becoming increasingly popular in remote areas and may also form a grid system where it could be exploited by a number of users in other communities. Passive solar energy can be easily used by new home builders and renovators, to increase the amount of natural light available to a building by inserting large windows in walls facing the sun.

Added glass areas will allow more natural light to flood the building, and can be designed to heat the room, or isolate it, even providing additional lighting. Interior rooms can be naturally lit by skylights or light pipes placed in the roof of the building. Retractable awnings and tinting can be used to control the sun’s influence on individual rooms.

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Heating water for domestic use is another form of passive solar energy that is cost effective and easy to install. By placing a solar panel on the roof or a suitable stand facing the sun, plenty of hot water produced can be stored in a single inflow.

By installing a vertical tube or passage through a wall that faces the sun, a building or room can be passively cooled using the heating power of sunlight. The theory is that the air in the tube is heated by the sun, causing air to rise and are vented through a small chimney on the roof.

Air inside the building was allowed through an opening in the wall that connects to the vent pipe, which allows a constant flow of fresh air to pass through the room.

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  2. Utilizing renewable energy source like Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal Energy, etc. are more beneficial for us and for our next generation.