Build Your Own Solar Panel And Save The Environment

February 17, 2017
Build Your Own Solar Panel
Everyday we hear about global warming, holes in the ozone layer or about unpredictable weather due to excess pollution.

One solution to this problem is the use of solar energy which as the name suggests is energy which we generate by capturing the sunlight using solar panels.

Sunlight is considered to be a clean and cost free energy source. You can either buy solar panels or build your own solar panel.

Solar panels are not a very recent phenomenon – solar power has been around since the 1970s, however the solar panels back then were huge in size and very difficult to handle.

They were also not very easy to operate and were not very efficient. Gradually with the passing of time and the advent of advanced research resulting in superior technology, the development of modern solar panels they are now seen as a major advancement in energizing homes without the big clumsy ones from a by gone era.

The popularity of solar energy as a power source is catching on like wildfire, and more and more people are now waking up to the realization that they too can learn very quickly to build your own solar panel.

How They Work Their Magic

The technology uses monocrystalline or polycrystalline mini silicon cells which collect energy. There are sprays which aid in collecting solar energy and converting it to electricity.

Solar panels can be used either to power your homes, heating water or for generally giving power to other applications that are in need of energy.

Buy Or Build Your Own Solar Panel?

So now the question is whether to buy one or just build your own solar panel. Let’s look at the statistics here.

If you need to power a three bedroom house, it will cost about $15,000 and upwards. Quiet an expensive affair if you think about it! Therefore build your own solar panel and save that money for spending on more important things like family and friends or do I dare say on yourself!.

All you have to do is follow step by step video tutorials and you too can build your own solar panel for a throw away price of less than $ 200 by sourcing the raw materials and components from the local hardware store or recycle goods shops.

Solar Panel Advantages

Solar energy advantages are unlimited. Firstly, it is a natural source of energy, so you are not at all contributing to the ever increasing pollution.

As I have said already it is very cheap and the decline in your regular energy bills combined with the long term advantages, both financially and aesthetically, will be highly rewarding.

Build Your Own Solar Panel - Solar Panel – A Way Of Life

Opting to build your own solar panels is a win-win situation for everyone, since not only are we helping the environment by not contributing in consuming its scarce fossil resources, but also benefiting by saving our own money.

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