Make Your Own Solar Panel

February 06, 2017
Make Your Own Solar Panel
Are you looking for ways to make your own solar panel?

Do you have all the tools and knowledge that would help you perform such a task?

Before you start on any of these projects, make sure that you have enough materials and DIY plan to make this project a success.

Solar panels can be built at home, for generating electricity from solar energy. This not only protects the environment but also saves you money.

Solar energy has many benefits. It is very easy to make these panels yourself.

There are lots of DIY around the net today. However, it is important that you choose the best one that will not only suit your knowledge but also your budget.

Making the right choice will not only provide you the best solar panel, but it will also provide you continuous power that could help you save up more from your electric monthly bills.

Amazing Tips to Consider

Making a solar panel at home can be a lot of fun. If you are planning to construct a solar panel, try this easy, yet very fascinating way, and you will be able to make electrical energy from regular everyday materials.

  1. Obtain several copper strips. Cut them and clean them. Furthermore, keep in mind to clean your hands carefully as any trace of grease can hamper the plan.
  2.  Lay a small strip of the copper on an electric burner (this test cannot be completed on a gas burner, as exposing the copper to fire will not work).
  3. Allow it to heat up until the color of the strip turns pink, purple and red. The striking mixtures of colors certainly make for a pretty sight. The process is short lived and the strip soon starts to turn black. Cook it on the burner until the strip is pitch-black.
  4. Turn the heat off and allow the strip cool. Do not remove it from the burner until it has entirely cooled down (room temperature). This process typically takes about 30 minutes.
  5. Once cooled, the black particles (which are sediments of cupric oxide) will start to peel off. Hold the strip against running water and scrub off the cupric oxide with your hands. Do not utilize a scrubber as this may dent the strip. Once all the black is off, you will see a striking red covering on the copper strip which is a cuprous oxide covering.
  6. Lay this oxidized strip and a fresh copper strip side by side in a glass or plastic jug. The two have to face each other but not be in contact.
  7. With the aid of an alligator clip, connect the fresh strip to the positive terminal of an ampere meter. Do the same with the oxidized strip, but this time, connect it to the negative terminal of the meter?

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