Utilize Solar Electric Panels - Adapt To The Newest Technology

March 01, 2017
Solar Electric Panels
Most people resist change, however technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that if we do not latch on we will be left so far behind that we may not be able to pick up the threadslater on. With the help of technology, people’s lifestyles have changed.

Everyone knows that the future is bleak in the energy sector, what with fossil fuel resources depleting fast, that’s why the search and push for alternative solutions are being brought to the top of the political agenda to ensure energy security at least for our children.

In this context, you must have heard about alternative power solutions such as solar electric power using solar electric panels, but have you ever thought of using them yourself?

It is vital that you change with the times as energy is not only becoming scarcer by the day, but also more expensive every year, think smart and act smart – make use of solar electric panels as a good alternative source of energy.

Why Do You Need To Use Solar Electric Panels?

Modern day solar electric panels used to convert the sun’s heat energy to electric energy can be utilized in your own home for powering up your lighting and home appliances with the help of a storage utility (batteries).

If you think that this technology is inefficient then you are completely mistaken, as the photo voltaic cells have proved their efficiency and demonstrated their advancement with digital solar panels in recent times.

You have several designs and even DIY kits to help you attain the right power needs for your appliances.

These kits are so proficient that they provide you step by step instructions which even a novice would find easy to follow. Some of these kits come with the components to build solar electric panels, and some others give instructions and guide you where to buy the components.

How Much Energy Can Be Generated With Solar Power Systems?

Serious research and experimentation in solar technology claim that if it were possible to harness all the sun’s solar technology for just around 40 minutes, one would be in a position to generate enough energy for the whole world for one full year, isn’t that amazing? In spite of this fact, only 1 % of green power is used.

Although there have been tremendous advancements in green technology, it still has a very long way to go to touch the hearts and change the mindset of people to go for solar electric panels so as to produce alternative free energy power.

What Do Solar Electric Panels Consist Of?

Treated  semi – conductors like silicon, known for their photo voltaic effects, which show an efficient ratio of conversion from sun light energy to electric energy, they come in mono or multi crystalline form or in thin film and these are called PV or solar cells.

These photo voltaic cells are arranged in wafer thin brick sizes of 3 x 6 inches which give 3 amps of electricity after conversion.If you were to wire 36 of these bricks into one panel, you should get about 18 Volts, producing about 60 W power.Since sunlight is an intermittent power source, the energy when converted must be saved in a local utility like a battery to release the energy when required.

Do These Solar Electric Panels Look Unfashionable?

Many people share this opinion that solar panels are a monstrosity, but the fact is just the opposite, with rapid strides in technology, solar electric panels have been improved considerably and now look more attractive and futuristic. Today, several domestic panel owners and aspirants find it prestigious, as it says to everyone seeing them that you are walking towards free energy and away from monthly payments to the electricity companies.

For What Purposes Can You Use The Solar Electric Panels?

If you feel that these panels can only be used for generating electricity then you are mistaken, solar electric panels use the sunlight’s natural power and help in regulating the temperature of your home and can also be used for heating water.

They can be combined with conventional heating technology so as to avoid the shortage of hot water when the sunlight isn’t enough.

How Do You Help The Environment?

Compared to conventional power, solar panels are very eco friendly and are expected to be the no 1 choice for future energy hungry generations.

You need to have a futuristic outlook, switch to alternative green power sources, and join thousands who, like you, have taken the first step to waving good bye to large energy bills.

A mention must be made here that many governments are offering tax benefits for adopting clean renewable energy and so using solar electric panels really is the way to make large yearly savings.

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