What Are The Solar Power Advantages and Disadvantages

March 10, 2017
Though homemade solar power have lots of advantages, let's look at as well its disadvantages. They're minimal but need to know about both the pros and cons.

There is always a debate whether solar power advantages outweighs its advantages. In this post, we will be discussing the solar power advantages along with its disadvantages, so, we will have a good judgement whether to choose solar power as an alternative energy source.

We know that solar power is clean power and it comes with unlimited supply from the sun, and that’s undeniably a huge advantage.

Below we will outline its pros and cons, whether it’s worth going for or should we wait for it to become more developed. Until that time come, we will disregard the use of solar power for homes.

The Solar Power Advantages

Solar energy saves you money. During its construction you will have to invest some amount of money but this can be easily recovered in the long run. Once installed and running, you are now using a free energy from the sun.

If your home is not yet self-sufficient, it will greatly contribute in lessening your monthly power bills, this will depends on how large your solar panels, the combined area of all your solar panels.

However, if your home solar power system is already sufficient for your all power needs, monthly bill can be totally eliminated. Additionally, if you are producing more power than you need, you can sell this extra power to the utility company.

This is called net metering, not all power utility supports this. This can be a very good source for additional income. You save money and earn money along with it, government give incentives to clean energy users.

Since production of solar energy does not require any fuel, you aren’t affected by its supply and demand, or the ever-increasing price of oil and gasoline which are use in production of conventional power source. It is clean, renewable and sustainable.

Solar energy is environmentally friendly. Unlike the traditional forms of electricity generation, it doesn’t pollute the  environments with carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide or mercury.

These the contributors to global warming that we experience at present. It contributes to the decrease in emissions of greenhouse gases.

Solar power systems can operate independently, without any dependence on a power or a gas grid. Not only does solar energy reduce your electricity bill, it is available at all times and is not affected by power outages.

Solar energy systems are practically maintenance free. Though, you are required to clean the surface of the solar panels as a regular maintenance basis, mostly this depends the condition of the area.

Overtime, dirt and foreign objects may accumulate and cover the surface. It must be clean at all times, so that it is continuously exposed to the sunlight. Once installed and running, it can last for 20 to 30 years with no recurring costs. They are silent in operation and do not create any offensive smells.

Furthermore, if you demand more power, you can add build and add more solar panels to your existing system and this will produce more additional energy. If you keep building and adding more solar panels, its area will be larger and it can convert more energy efficiently.

The Solar Power Disadvantages

The main disadvantage of solar energy systems is their initial installation costs because the semi-conducting materials are expensive, the solar cells. To achieve a good level of efficiency, solar panels require a large area for installation. The location of the sun also affects the efficiency of the system, but this can be compensated by installing some additional components, this will be an additional cost.

Thick air pollution, as well as the presence of clouds can affect the production of solar energy. There is no production of solar energy at night. However, this can be taken care of with a battery backup system or net metering.

By far, these are the most obvious of solar power disadvantages. Expect in the future with the continuous effort in the development of this technology, these drawbacks can be readily be remedied.

Final Thoughts On Solar Power Advantages and Disadvantages

Above, we’ve discussed both the pros and cons of solar power. Although, there are some advantages, they’re just temporary. Solar power technology is in constant development and based on its development, we can expect that solar power advantages can far outweigh its disadvantages.

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